Progress Meeting with Supervisor

Today we had a meeting with our supervisor to get some feedback on our blogs and our script and more importantly to talk about where exactly we are in the project. We got some feedback for each of our jobs and where we could possibly improve with, for example the Kinect. From my point of view, I need to push on and get the Kinect working exactly the way that we want it. Yesterday I figured out where I was going wrong with having to download some files for the port connection and having to change some settings inside Flash. Now that I have that working I talked to the group about where we can improve on our project. Certain areas that we can get working better is probably the colour palette because its not correct in terms of size. The stage is far bigger than the drawing area, which isn’t something that I would be totally happy. We want everything exactly the same size so that it has continuity throughout. I think we really are on the right track with Doodleblocks and its really coming together the way that we want it.


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