As I said yesterday we all planned to stay behind and do our very best to get the Kinect working with Flash on an SWF file, which is the end file we will be working with on the day of the exhibition. We were really searching online for help to find out little things that might be needed to get the actual Kinect interacting with Flash. We finally got an idea of where we were going wrong from . That was the link where it really give us a big help as to where we had been going wrong. Originally we were getting errors with the Flash file and the Kinect because the “global settings” in the Flash file weren’t recognising the SWF file that we wanted the Kinect to work from, but when we followed this tutorial on how to actually change certain settings in Flash online for the SWF it actually worked with out any problems. We have videos from the last 2 weeks of the Kinect working (which we plan to put on our You Tube channel and upload the link this week). It really was a relief to see the Kinect interacting with the hand movements we made and was actually drawing on the art board that is already integrating into Flash. Laura is doing an excellent job with the graphics and she spent most of yesterday taking the Flash file from me and putting the graphics that she made into the program and it looks absolutely awesome. It really has a professional feel about it and it really is giving out those vibes of a game show and a fun program. Neil is absolutely flying with the audio. He is almost finished in regard to having the audio for the WIP. We really want the audio integrated into our program so that it shows the lecturers who will be examing our project that we have worked really hard to get to this point. Conor has made a really cool and professional animation which will give the user an idea of how to play the game and him and Neil are working to try and put the audio in to that file so that there is a narration throughout the aniamtion. The animation really does look smart and elegant and I think it really works for Doodleblocks in regards to the sketchy and brilliant drawings Conor has made in Flash and Photoshop/Illustrator.

I plan now to really work hard to get the program working the way we want it to be in terms of the categories section and also the Kinect. Its important that now I have the Kinect working with Flash that I get it working exactly the way our group want it.


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