Over the last week I have been pushing to get the rest of the audio that is required finished for our project. This has proofed to be a bit more difficult than first expected. Even though Glenn said that it is ok to use royalty free sounds and music I thought for the fullness of my participation in the project that it would be best to try and create everything myself. The first port of call for me was to finish up editing the audio that we recorded last week of the voice over/host section. This in fairness didn’t take too long to do and I got it all wrapped up and out of the way.

In relation to the creation of the sounds for Doodleblock as I said this has been a bit of a headache thus far because trying to first of all decide if I am going to use my own equipment or the colleges. At first I was using my own stuff (below screen shot)

2015-03-08 15.32.20

the PC that is in the picture is a computer that I built a few years back. It has all the required RAM to work but the issue is that the version of ProTools that I have doesn’t have the right plug-ins for me to create the required MIDI sounds. I then looked into how to go about this in Adobe Audition, but to the be honest I idea of using Adobe Audition past adding effects to pre-recorded sounds sounded like a nightmare. I then decided to use the college computers to create the sounds as I know from last year the versions of ProTools that are on the MACs are the full versions with all the required plug-ins etc. Put the thing about relying on the college is that there audio Mac labs are only open at certain times and while I fully understand the need to keep the doors locked it doesn’t make for very reliable working space. This then led me back to Adobe Audition, this is where I am at at the minute, I am learning how to use it with the equipment that I have. I am happy to say that this process is going well and that things are shaping up nicely for me. I am able to record the necessary sounds here in my house and edit them using Adobe Audition and if needs be I will be able to export these sounds and then carry them into ProTools and vice versa. So everything is working out nicely, I guess the point I am making is that sitting down and thinking about how things are going to work and coming up with a plan is the way to go! J

I have every intention of getting ALL the remanding sounds that are required for the project finished up and out of the way by Thursday if I can. The week of the week of the 16th we have our work in progress (WIP) presentation to give. I would like to have at least 80% of the sounds done. As mentioned in my last post, last Monday I had to give an update presentation to Emma. This went really well as I thought it would. I had a lot to show her and the class and as i was putting together the slideshow my confidence grew even more. The work that is being produced from Laura, Conor and Paul is just fantastic. I think this really helped me sell the presentation, knowing that I have a great team with me I feel like we can achieve anything. This will also translate really well for our WIP presentation in a couple of weeks, I know for sure that everything we set out to have ready for that we will have ready for it!


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