Update on the Kinect

All day yesterday I worked on trying to get the Kinect working with our Flash program. I got it partly working with it but it kept giving me the X and Y axis of the black blotches that appears on the screen. There was literally hundreds of trace commands coming up on the screen so I found the trace commands in the code in deleted them and now the black blotches are coming up in the SWF file. I have booked an appointment with Kieran Nolan who is one of the lecturers in this course and Im hoping he might have some knowledge on how to get this working with our program fully. At the minute iI have made a little progress from the last time I posted but there is still a long long way to go. I am confused with some of the code attributes and where they are meant to go with the program. I also think I have most of the files downloaded that are needed to make the Kinect work with Flash but the only problem is trying to figure out where the code goes in the Flash program. Below is a screenshot that I took with the blotches showing up in the SWF file and all the X and Y coordinates of each blotch.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 21.56.30


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