Completed Interface Design

Since getting the seal of approval with the six concept pages of the interface from the rest of the group, the lecturers and classmates this week, I set to work creating the layout of the remaining pages. There has been another big project this week with our PR campaign going on in a different modules so it has taken longer than I hoped to finish up these last few concepts. Here are the rest of the designs that have been created for the interface:

DB Congratulations DB Difficulty DB Double or Nothing DB Get Into Positions DB Random Word

The next design aspect now is to begin working on our DoodleBlocks promotional website design and items such as the business card so that we hopefully have a great concept ready for the work-in-progress presentation in a couple weeks. For the website I have been researching different designs and good website examples on our group Pinterest ( We also want to use the colour scheme that was implemented into the interface to tie everything together. I have concept sketches drawn up of a potential layout that we decided on as a group recently. As designer it will be my role to create this and test out different designs using Illustrator.


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