Finalised Interface Graphics

Here are the designs that we have decided to use for our interface design. After getting some useful feedback last week from the rest of DoodleBlocks, the design lecturers and from other students, I have been working to get the designs ready and perfect for the work in progress that is fast approaching! We hope to have a full working model of the program with the interface designs incorporated. As I have mentioned the we got some useful tips for the design of the project last week and the lecturers pointed out that a previous design was more successful. My job this week was to take all of this feedback on board and combine the best elements of each design to improve our final look aesthetically.

Here is the layout and design of six of our final interface pages:

Interface 1  Interface 6 Interface 5  Interface 3Interface 2  Interface 4

Tomorrow, Neil will be presenting our current position in terms of the design, programming, audio and installation to the class to show our progress. I have sent on these six page designs to show the stage of development we are at in terms of the design. Over the next week I will have completed the rest of the designs and separated the layers to be imported to flash.


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