Audio update

Over the last week our project has been pushed on to great heights and has inspired us all to create and be creative, which is really great. With the Kenict on its way to being integrated into our project, the designs being finalised and the programming getting programmed all is turning out really great!

In relation to the audio I have been progressing nicely. Over the last couple of weeks I have sent out some e-mails asking for people to come and help us out but sadly to no avail. Conor had a friend and he asked her and she was happy to do it. So on Friday we took a trip and collected her. We went back to the college where all the equipment was set up for us to go ahead and record out voice over for the instructional video and the voice over for the host that will be played when people are interacting with our project. She really did a fantastic job and it was a good laugh.

I then took the files home and ran them through Adobe Audition and added some effects to help enhance the files. I also chopped up the files and deleted the unusable files. Even though this was a long process it was enjoyable playing around with the different styles and effects I could use. In the end I decided to keep things as simple as possible and just added about four different effects to the files. I did this because I didn’t want to take anything away from the voice itself. I enhanced the voice and added some reverb to it and gave it some more volume. I have sent on the instructional video audio file to Conor and he is going to adding them into the animation that he has created.

The below screen shots are of me editing the files. (keep in mind when looking at these images that they are taken using two monitors)

screen5 screen4 screen3 screen2 screen1

In relation to my role as project manager, I have to give a presentation on Monday. This is just a short work in progress presentation. I am so glad for the group members I have as I know it is because of the great work they are doing the presentation will go off without a hitch. Our next milestone for this project is a big work in progress presentation that we all need to give. These presentations will be starting in the next week or so. But as I said I am really confident in the group and i am sure we will do a fine job!


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