Fifth Supervisor Meeting

For our meeting this week we had a couple of tasks to do for Glenn to show our project development. It was my role as designer to further develop the designs, Conor’s role to start the demonstration animation video, Neil’s to source someone for our voice over audio and Paul’s job to work on the Kinect.

Glenn was very impressed with the clip of Sarah’s voice who was sourced as our voice over and he really liked the animation that has been completed so far. As for the Kinect Paul has been working away researching connecting Flash to Kinect to make it work in the way that we want it too. Basically what we hope to accomplish is that when the user waves their hands they will be able to draw onscreen. From all the testing Paul has been working on to date it seems like this will not be an easy task and will require a lot of code.

In regards to the design I have been testing the aesthetics of the interface since yesterday with lecturers, showing the rest of the group and showing other class members to get feedback of usability, layout and the appearance. The feedback has been really helpful and I also got the chance to speak to Glenn during the meeting and then Emma afterwards to get extra opinions. So far the main word that has been used to describe it is that it is too heavy but everyone that I showed seemed to prefer the lighter approach to one of my previous designs. Personally, I hope to resolve these issues over the next week and have a much more eye catching design created for next Tuesday’s meeting.


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