Yesterday, as i said my main aim was to get the Kinect to respond from some of our movements. Conor and I decided to stay after college yesterday and try and make some progress on that. We done a lot of researching to try and get the Kinect to focus on our movements and thankfully after a few hours it worked. We looked up some message boards and they were an excellent help. We had to download and install a package called TUIO which is the package which helps Flash read the Kinect. We got it working so that there were two black dots reading our hand movements. It would only work if we were standing at a certain distance from the Kinect because if we stood to close to it, it would read our whole body. We then stood back around 3-4ft and it then only picked up our hand movements. Now we have to get the project coded up so that it detects what each hand movement means.

The video won’t upload at the minute but it will be uploaded in due course.


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