Supervisor Meeting #5

Today we had another meeting with our supervisor Glenn Doyle who took a look at the animation video that I had worked on over the weekend, Overall he seemed happy with the aesthetics of it and felt that it suited the theme. We also decided at the meeting that I will “tag” in with Paul with the programming and I will focus on bringing together his code and Laura’s designs to make the prototype ready for the WIPs! Friday our new audio lecturer has planned to set up the sound proof booth so that we can begin and hopefully finish recording our voice over for both the animation and the game. This will be extremely beneficial for me as I can then fine tune the instructional video.

After the meeting today and when college was over, myself and Paul stayed back and made a massive breakthrough with the kinect. As it is a massive part of the project its essential that we make some head way with it and we successfully got it to run and detect hand as opposed to other objects provided the area is clear.

Over the next week Laura will be finishing her designs and I can then begin to add code to them so that we can have a good visual representation of the final product!


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