Designs Feedback

After finishing the page layout and design of the interface pages at the weekend I decided to approach people to get feedback on the design look as I wasn’t sure about some aspects. I showed the designs first to the rest of the group and then I got some useful advice and tips from the several of the lecturers and other classmates. People generally agreed that the black colour was too dark and imposing as the background and everyone seemed to prefer an older design that I had created. I got some feedback from two graphic design lecturers and they both felt the design was too “heavy”. I was not sure about the use of black myself so it was really good to get other opinions as sometimes it is hard to judge alone especially when you have spent so much time looking at a project. We asked for a few words that they think our brand symbolizes based on the appearance and first impressions. The words we feel represent our project would be fun, creative, with a sketchy style. When we get feedback that relays these words back to us that is when we feel the designs will be successful.

For my role as designer now it is my job to take on board the feedback from my team, lecturers and classmates to reevaluate the design and bring back the colour scheme of the older mock up designs to make the design more appealing.


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