Interface Design Concepts

After our meeting with Glenn this week he asked us for a strong draft of our graphics on the interface for Tuesday. I have been working on expanding our design concept since the script document. An aspect that we feel works perfectly is the handwritten font so this has been carried through into the latest design concept. Below are some of the mock-up designs that I have been working on during the past week. I have not had a chance to user test our designs as the final design concepts were only finished at the weekend but on Monday I would like to get feedback off other classmates and lecturers who are separate from our project. Personally, I am not sure if the black has made the design too dark. This is something that I will have to get feedback from others in the group on but I also think it will be useful to get outsiders opinions who are not invested in the project. Essentially, what we really want to accomplish is an aesthetically pleasing design that is clear and legible but still has a sketchy appearance. We want people to get the idea from the designs that this is something that is fun, creative and we also want the idea of the sketchiness to come across to relate to the drawing.


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