For our meeting with Glenn next week I really want to have a good start done at making the animation which will the the instructional video telling people how to play DoodleBlocks. To do this i have created some very simple, very sketchy drawings that I will later scan to include in the video. I feel that these will be very pleasing and will suit the aesthetic of the game, Over the next few days we will also begin our hunt for the voice of DoodleBlocks. This voice will be used in this video so when i finish it using adobe flash I will have to fine tune it to suit the voice.

To portray the narrative of the game I will use minimal colours, such as whites, blacks, reds and greens just to place emphasis on key things in the animation. I will start by having a small animation of our logo then the character I will design will appear on stage and the voice over will be used predominantly to tell the character what he is doing and how to do it. It will all be very simple in style which will hopefully portray the simplicity of the DoodleBlocks experience.


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