Yesterday we came together with our group supervisor Glen and discussed certain milestones that we had reached. We have discussed new milestones that we need to fulfil for next week but we are really happy with where we are at the minute. Conor and I came together and got the Kinect interacting with Flash which was one of the goals Glen had set with us. We aren’t just going to leave it there though. We plan to really get the Kinect up and running and signalling hand movements, which is probably going to be really tough. Earlier in the week we were hitting a brick wall with regards to getting the Kinect working. I then asked one of our classmates Karl had he any success with his Kinect and thankfully he did and he put us on the right road. He sent us to a website ( which gave us an idea on how to program them both to work. I now need to work with Neil to get the sounds working on our program. Neil is going to record some sounds and then it will be up to me to  get them working. We want the sounds so that they will narrate the user through the process. I think we are in a really good place at the minute. Its really important that we push on now and make Doodleblocks the best project at the exhibition in June.


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