Group Meeting #4

Yesterday we had another meeting with our supervisor Glenn Doyle and we discussed several important things. We have WIP Presentations soon and for this date we want to have a working demo of the game done and completed. Programming wise we will have to use a mouse to represent the kinect for drawing as that will be one of the last pieces of the puzzle we give together.
We will record foley sounds over the next week, this will be very valuable to us as we will be able to include it in the working demo. Another audio related task we will have accompliched by the date of the WIP will be to record and source several voice actors to read our script. This will be the final version we will edit post recording to use in the final project as well as the demo.

In the meeting I suggested that i will work ahead and make the animation video of the “how to/instructional video”. I will use simple graphics done in a sketch style that will be representative of the DoodleBlocks style.

All in all this was a very successful meeting as it gave us yet another direction to pursue, namely getting the intro video started, the foley sounds, the graphics finalised and also building the working demo.


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