Fourth Supervisor Meeting

After the script was submitted on Friday we had the chance to finally take a small break at the weekend. It was great to have that weight lifted off our shoulders.

It was straight back to business today though as we met with Glenn to discuss our project development and our goals for the next week. As the script was only just submitted we haven’t got official feedback yet but from last weeks draft copy we have gotten great comments. Our next big step is to create a functional ‘work-in-progress’ to show at a presentation to the lecturers. This should give a considerable idea of what the final major project should look like what it should be able to do etc.

For this ‘work-in-progress’ we each have our own aspects to work on to get the project working as a whole. It will be my role as designer to finalise the visual designs for the interface. I hope to have this completed to a very good standard by next week to give to Paul, our programmer, so the graphics can be implemented into the program. I will also be further developing our branding and designing elements such as business cards and leaflets. Glenn has recommended that when I’m doing the designs I get feedback from people outside of the group also to get a unbiased or neutral opinion. I hope to show my graphics to design lecturers as well as other people in the class at the start of next week to give myself time to tweak the designs.

For our ‘Work-In-Progress’ this is a list of elements that we hope to have completed:

  • Working demo with mouse and keyboard
  • The Kinect working
  • Audio incorporated
  • A 3d visualisation of the project
  • The narration recorded
  • The interface design complete
  • TAn instructional animation video of the project

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