The last week for us as a group has been filled with many a late evenings in college. The reason for our burning of the midnight oil was the fact that one of the major milestones for this project was due, the script. The script is a comprehensive overview and walk through of the project in its entirety.  The overall idea of the script is that if it was to be handed to someone they would be able to read through it and if so inclined create it. We as individuals and as a group put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to create something that we could be proud of. Having submitted a first draft to our group supervisor we fully took on board his feedback, thankfully there was not much throughout the document that needed to be changed bar spelling and grammar and so on. We did have to trim some of the fat and restructure some of the paragraphs but all in all it was pretty straight forward. We all got the chance to proof read the document before submission; this gave each of us a good opportunity to make sure four times that everything was ok. Over all I really think we did a fantastic job with our script and I am really happy with the final draft.  Because of the script deadline we were not given any specific tasks from our supervisor but to make sure the script was finished on time and to a great standard, which we achieved J

With the script rapped up and finished we can breathe a little breath of relieve. We are now moving onto the next stage of the project, the next mile stone that is coming up is the W.I.P (work in progress) presentation. This presentation is to show the lectures how far we are along with the project. Our main goal and task that has been laid out is to have some sort of working prototype in operation by this time. We will be looking to have some elements of the Kinect working with Flash, finalised graphics, hardware mock-ups and audio elements in place. Being as my secondary role is audio I will over the next couple of days be finalising the script for the person that is chosen to do the voiceover/host. I will be posting that here over the next few days. I will then set about holding auditions for people to come and try out for the role of host. Once this person is chosen it will be a simple matter of recording them reading through the script. I have already recorded some samples of the voice/host that Paul will be working with over the next couple of days. These will be programmed to play at key moments throughout the user experience.

In relation to the audio set up I found a handy video.


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