My Thoughts

So what is my thoughts so far with Doodleblocks. I think if we were to go back two or three weeks ago we would all come to the conclusion that Doodleblocks was a long way from being a good project. We also would have said that we would be a bit sketchy in terms of what the project was about and what were thew main factors in it. I think over the last 3 weeks we all as a group had to take a kick up the back side and knuckle down and get the main parts of the project confirmed. Overall I think we have done that and we are really confident of completing it to a high standard.

Our project manager Neil has been exceptional in his role. In my opinion a project manager needs to be a leader and also a good listener and I think Neil has got both those qualities in abundance. He has lightened to everyones ideas and tried to see if we can include them in the project and if we can then that is something that Neil is willing to consider. He also is not afraid to get stuck into the work side of the project. Numerous times he has contributed in other areas of the project, such as the design of the doodle station, the programming aspect and most importantly he had a huge contribution in completing the script. He also is there for all of our group members if we need his opinion whether it be in person, by phone or even over Facebook. That is a huge help to us all because he gives us his honest opinion, whether he thinks something could be changed to make it better or if it docent work. He is very honest and I think that is one of Neils main assets.

Conor has been had an excellent involvement in Doodleblocks. Conor seems to always come up with ideas that we could maybe improve Doodleblocks. He also is a huge help to me because he attends Kens programming class and that takes a lot of pressure of me because it means there is an extra pair of ears there listening. Sometimes it can be a daunting process because there bes a load of information gives to the programmer and thats the good thing about Conor been there because he can get some of the information also. Conor is an excellent drawer and he is a huge asset to our group because that is what our project is going to be based on, drawing. He will be helping Laura when she needs help. He also has got the Doodle station prototype started by building it with cardboard boxes. This will help our group because he will be able to see if certain things will work or whether certain areas of our doodle station need to be improved. Conor also had a huge part in getting the script completed with numerous designs of the doodle station done in 3D versions which gives the markers a better insight into the program.

Laura is an excellent graphic designer. She has loads done already on the graphic side of things. Laura is very motivated to try and get as much work done on the graphic side of things as early as possible. Thats really good for our group because that means if anything docent work we will then have enough time to change or fix things. Laura also had a huge contribution in getting the script done. She had lots of images drawing up and numerous ideas in how these images could be changed or improved. That was a huge help because it gives the markers an idea of what the program will look like. Laura had site maps, workflow charts and storyboards drawing out on paper which looked amazing and this would give anyone who was reading the script a basic run through on how the project will operate.


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