The Team

After re reading over the script yesterday before the final submission I felt very proud. But not just for the script but for how well the group of people have jelled and come together on this project. I have full confidence that we are well and truly on the right path towards getting this project up and running and finalised well before the fis exhibition and that we will be able to perfect it.

Neil is doing astounding work as a project manager, he is setting deadlines in the best possible ways and is as encouraging as Rocky Balboas’s coach Mick! After his pep talks of whats needed I feel confident enough to step into a ring with Clubber Lang never mind tackle whatever issue we are having. Neil also wrote one of the catchiest jingles for Doodleblocks I have ever heard, its ridiculously catchy and has been stuck in my head for days..

Paul has taken to the programming of the project like an alcoholic to a free bar. Hes working diligently and hasnt had any problems that require major help as yet. Paul has the skeleton of the project basically done so now it is just a matter of piecing the rest together.

Lauras designs are terrific, they are so well polished that I can easily see in my head how the end project will look, and it will be beautiful. She also played a key role in the layout of the script and its thanks to her that it looked so nice in the end!

All in all, holding the 67 page script in my hand made me realise just how far we have come since forming the group since September and I cant wait for the next phase of the project!


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