Group Meeting #3

On Monday we had another meeting with our supervisor Glenn Doyle and it was extremely helpful in terms of completing the script that was due this week. Glenn himself was given a task this week, he volunteered to go back through the years and find out if any other groups used the XBox Kinect for their major projects so we can see what approach they took to the software. We as a group have to speak to another lecturer, Kieran Nolan in regards to this technology. The main focus of the meeting was to finalise and send Glenn a copy of the script. A few things popped up, namely in regards to changing the voice over style, make it less light hearted and to possibly look into hiring a voice over actor. It was also noted about the similarities between our logo and the Google Logo so we had to research into that and source reference it and also to list where we got inspiration from. Over all this was a great meeting as it steered us in the right way to finish the script.


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