Third Supervisor Meeting

As the final due date for the script looms nearby we had a meeting with Glenn today. Our main goal of this week is obviously to finish the script. Our project as it stands will be incorporating the use of Kinect but unfortunately it has not all been plain sailing. From our testing at the moment we have been having issues getting Kinect to work with Flash the way we want it to. Glenn’s advice to us today was to speak to another lecturer, Kieran, who has really good experience dealing with this technology. This is something that we will do this week as well as conducting our own research into getting Flash and Kinect working together.

Another main point of today’s meeting was discussing the audio and voice over. Glenn’s concern is that if we do not style our project correctly we could end up undermining our hard work and not have the project taken seriously. We played clips of sample audio work such as the voice over and theme tune jingle. Glenn was very impressed with the jingle but had doubts about the voice over. He suggested that we source a voice artist for our project and this is something that we have taken on board. We have decided to conduct research into this and test out various voices to see what kind of voice would be best suited.

Over all the meeting was really helpful in giving us ideas and possible routes to take to resolve our Kinect issues. Now we just need to knuckle down for the next couple days and get the last few details of the script completed.


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