Group Meeting

In the last few days we have been trying to get our script completely finished. We want to have it all completed today because we want to have a copy for each of the group members so that we can all go away and read it over the next day and maybe we might spot certain areas that we can improve on or expand on. We decided this would be a good way for us to work together and get it finished together. I am really happy with the way the script has turned out. In my opinion I think its really informative and explains exactly what our plans are with Doodleblodcks.

We also had our group meeting with our Supervisor (Glen) and we have made some things a priority that need to be sorted out before our meeting next week. For me personally I need to try and get to grips with the Kinect. We are finding it extremely difficult to program it into Flash and basically make the two of them talk to each other. I have done lots of research into how the interact with each other. The most important thing for us though is knowing that Kinect and Flash do work together and that it is possible to make it work. I know it will be extremely difficult to get it to work but I think it is something that we are capable of. I have set some targets that I need to do for next week:

  • I need to speak to Kieran about ways of getting The Kinect working
  • I need to sit down and see if I can set up Flash and Kinect to work on the same program
  • I need to do more research in to the Kinect and Flash situation and see if I can find any topics or forums that will give us an advantage of getting this to work out

These are really important points that I need to address and I think if I get some of them fulfilled it will be a really big help further down the line. I also think our project could be excellent if we can get the Kinect to work. It could be the difference in our project been just “Ok” rather than “Excellent”, so its important that we work really hard now in the next few weeks to try and get these areas covered.


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