Where We Are Now

To date I think we are in a really good place. We have a huge amount of work done in the last two weeks and I think we have really come together and answered a lot of questions that we couldn’t answer a couple of weeks ago. It was a huge two weeks for us as a group because we have had to really nail down certain aspects of our project that we really unclear to us and our supervisor (Glenn). There were huge improvements needed in certain areas of the project because we weren’t really sure what we actually had to include on our finished product. For example we were going to be including Charades, Conundrums and other games that really weren’t possible. I think our thinking behind that was two reasons. Firstly we wanted to have a number of ideas and then we would come together as a group and pick the best or our favourite. Secondly, personally I wasn’t sure on what was enough to include in the project and then what was too much to include. Obviously we had too much.

So where are we now? We have got the main aspect of our project nailed down and what that project involves. So our main project is going to be based around drawing. That was the most important part of the brainstorming exercise because we needed to commit and say what we wanted to make. We then decided we had to discuss and finalise what content was going to be on the screen when the user is going to use it. Was there going to be colour? Was there going to be different paint strokes? Was there going to be Reactivision? These were all questions we needed to answer and finalise and include them in our product or not. So we have decided that we are going to have colour. We just think that adds to the experience and it will give the user an added incentive to maybe make more of a detailed drawing. We have also decided that we are going to go with using the Kinect, so that the user will use it to display the drawing the want on the board. We have run into some problems in trying to get the Kinect to work with Flash but its still early days and we are confident that we will be able to get it working. We have also decided that we are going to have a leader board so that it will give a competitive edge for each group that comes up to try and top the leader board. They will be able to top the leader board by having the choice to collect a certain amount of points on whether they choose to take the easy, medium or hard word that they have to draw. We will have a number of different categories that we think will meet the users interests. The categories are as follows:

  • Cinema
  • Animals
  • Phrases
  • Music
  • Sport

These categories are really broad and will give us a lot of work to produce a number of words that relate to that category.


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