The Script

The past couple weeks we have been very busy working on getting the script completed as it is due this coming Friday. We all have our own individual contributions to the script for our individual roles as well as other aspects. To get everything ready on time we decided the best way to do this for us would be to evenly divide the script between the four of us. This will help us to get it finished with plenty of time to spare and finally do a group read through for spelling and grammar and to ensure everything is cohesive.

This way has definitely been the most efficient way of getting it done for us so far. We hope to have a draft of the script for a review with our supervisor completed for tomorrow. Once we receive the feedback from Glenn we will improve on our work and spend the final couple of days reviewing it.

So far the document has been so much work and I think we have all contributed perfectly and equally as a team. Everyone has definitely given a lot of time and effort to make this document the best it can possibly be.

In terms of the design work I have been asked to further our design research and create a layout design of the DoodleBlocks website for next week by Marcos. We hope to use this website to promote ourselves, our project, display the DoodleBlocks leader board and also possibly display players drawings for others to see. I will upload my inspiration and design work for this website to the blog next week.


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