Team Work Update

The last week has been incredibly productive for us all as a group! I am very happy with where we are and feel really good about the work that the rest of the group are producing. As project manager I wanted to give opinion on how the group is working and talk briefly about the work that is produced.

In relation to the Programming Paul has been working really hard at solving all the problems with the code and has been very open to new ideas that we keep throwing at him. His resolve to produce the best interactive gaming environment is inspiring. As project manager of the group I am really very happy with effort and work he is producing. He suits the role of lead programmer very well. Every change of idea that we have had over the last few weeks have rolled off his back like a duck in water and he has constantly working away at the programming end of the project.

Having seen Laura’s research and initial designs today, I was really very happy with the direction she has taken with the designs. She has managed to produce a very clean yet fun and “doodly” interface design that I can see will work and fit in really well to this project. Like Paul she is working very hard to get everything done to a very high standard and if what I was shown today is any indication i think the design of our project will be very eye catching indeed. After some further discussion with Laura today, we found the need to push out a bit more and start to think about an online presence and some promotional material. I have every confidence on Laura’s abilities and I am sure whatever she comes up with will be really great!

Conor I cannot fault at all, he has rolled with the punches every step of the way in this process. Every idea and every change he takes on happily and with great enthusiasm. He has come up with some really great technical draws of the Doodle stations that he intends on creating very soon. He has also been instrumental in the revamp of Doodleblocks 2.0. Conor has also been more than happy to take on any jobs that get passed his way.  His almost relentless enthusiasm has been like a rock for us during the stressful moments of this project. I look forward to seeing more of his ideas and I have no doubt that the construction of the Doodle stations will go flawlessly.

With the looming deadline for the script only days away I have full confidence that we will produce a very comprehensive and informative document in relation to our project. We have all put in a great deal of work and time into the script. I am super glad that our group has been able to deal with any issues and creative exhaustion that has crept up along the way.

All in all, our group is AWESOME! 🙂


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