This week I plan to get a good chunk of the programming done, in terms of setting up the pages and possibly getting the layout completed of each page. Me and Laura are working together to implement the design of each of the pages and to make sure the design works. I have come up with a few problems when designing the pages which is shown in the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 15.41.29

animals_17, Line 1 1086: Syntax error: expecting semicolon before rightparen.

I was struggling to find the problem so I had to do a lot of trace commands to make sure two buttons were not named the same because that would not work because the code would be clashing and it would continuously loop and skip.

Thankfully in the end I found the problem after an hour of troubleshooting. It was the simple little factor which was a missing right brace ({) which means that the function was not closed. Its really frustrating when something as simple as that gives you errors but I personally really like solving problems and I think its a really good skill to have. Im sure during the course of the making of this program I will come across a number of problems. I plan to get the “word generator” implemented on each of the pages during this week.

We as a group are going to create a questionnaire for people that will give us more information about what people actually like about dictionary, what they would prefer added to dictionary like for example adding different colors. We as a group will then come together and pick out different aspects of the survey and put together all the information gathered and make a decision about what we will integrate into Doodleblocks.


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