Game Show Design Research

As we have decided to take the route of designing ‘DoodleBlocks’ to be in the style of a game show we have decided to look up various television shows and apps to get inspiration. Some of the aspects of design that I personally have been looking at are the color palette, user interface and the fonts used in these shows. I used this following site to find interesting game shows as well as using my own personal knowledge. Some of the popular gameshows at the moment that we have been researching are Pointless, The Chase, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Countdown, Catchphrase and Family Fortunes.39d609063a27c95c862acc279a1726cd

Something that we have noticed that these game shows all have in common is the colour scheme. The colours all seem to reflect shades of purple and royal blue tones. We have found through research that the reason for this may be due to the psychological effect of colours. Basically this is the effects that particular colours can create instant recognition and stimulate certain areas of the brain. Some of the effects of the colour Purple that we feel would contribute to this are that it represents creativity, imagination and can stimulate the prolem solving area of the brain which will be needed.


Another thing to consider where colour is concerned is complimentary colours. From testing out different shades of purple using we have found that green is directly opposite purple on the colour wheel making these two colours appear well alongside each other and make certain features stand out. Here is a potential colour scheme that I have created using

There is further information available about this on our Pinterest page at:

Images Used:


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