Touch Screen

We as a group are really trying to brainstorm on how we can get the colour to actually go on screen. Personally I think a touchscreen looks really professional and would be a impressive part of the project if we could implement it into Doodleblocks. So yesterday I done some research on how we could make our own homemade touchscreen for our project. As we know there are loads of touchscreens out there for sale but the cost a huge amount of money, and we as a group would prefer to put the hard work and effort into making our own touchscreen if that was what we wanted to act as the mouse.

Below is a simple video which shows you how to make a touchscreen. Granted we would be wanting to make something alot more professional looking than the one that is in the video, I think it gives us a good stepping stone on what we could actually make for Doodleblocks. I really like the idea that the user would be working of a touchscreen, and that the touchscreen was handmade by us. I think it gives the added factor of user friendly and that its a more homemade family type application.


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