Programming Advice

Yesterday I went to one of my workshop classes to purposely speak to the lecturer about the programming aspect of our project. I wanted to see where I would begin in terms of getting the program set up and mainly to find out if what we were doing was possible. I also wanted to see which software could we use to actually put colour that the person was trying to implement, on to the screen. Iv already stated thast we were looking at a number of different pieces of software which were:

  • Reactivision
  • Kinect
  • Touch Screen

We arent all that confident in all of the above because we don’t want there to be a lag when the person is drawing because that kind of defeats the purpose of having a timer. Ken really did put me in the right track because he explained the possibility of having an Interactive White Board. To be honest I have never actually seen one working but it looked really cool because the user simply touch the white board to select what you want. Although this is a costly feature and would be extremely hard to make it, it gives us another idea on how we could work that part of our project.

For me personally I wanted to see where I could actually make myself useful and possibly start programming some of the program or even just setting it up. So we laid out what had to be done and we came to the agreement that I could set up all the different pages and have them linked together so that when Laura, our graphic designer has the graphics completed then I will just be able to place them into our program. So my main objective for next Monday was to have the pages linked and use a customary button for now until the actual real buttons are made. Also he said it was important that I have some Pseoudocode wrote up so that it makes it easier for me to code. I plan on getting that completed tomorrow.

Overall I am happy about where I am with the programming aspect of the project. My main objective is to get the pages linking together and then try and get the random word generator to work. If I can just get it working on one of the category’s then I think that will be a huge part of the work done.


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