DoodleBlocks updates and Kinect research

Today we find another very productive day for us as a group. As you can see from the blow post Conor came up with a new concept and design for the project, this new approach we all agreed was the best was to move forward. The new layout has a nice flow to it and really feels like it could work well for us.

Another mile stone that we reached today was buying an Xbox Kinect. This was surprisingly cheap. I have been looking through some sites in relation to setting the Kinect up with a PC. This at first I thought was going to be a simple Plug & Play thing, I was so wrong. In order to get the Kinect working smoothly with a PC will require a lot of coding not just in Flash but also in programs we have had no exposure to.  I have also e-mailed some people that wrote some of the articles that I have been reading online to ask for advice on where one might start. I hope to hear from these people soon.

On another note I will start to make some recordings for the audio sections that we require. I intend to borrow one of the Zoom recorders and recording some sample “host” sound bites. We are all very happy with using this element as we feel it will help drive the process for the users and will add another element of fun the experience.

We are all very happy with where we are at the minute and with the ever looming script deadline approaching fast we are all much focused on the task at hand.

Here are some of the links I have been poring over in relation to Kinect.


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