A Path!

Today we decided on a path to follow for DoodleBlocks. Last night I went back to square one and took a look at what exactly we originally wanted to do. Here is a drawing I made of what exactly I vision as the most logical way of creating this project!


This removes the table element of the DoodleStation and replaces it with a large standing obelisk structure with an Xbox Kinnect and a projector in the back of the station. One side of the station records the user waving their arms and the other side projects it on to a wall. Once again today we got together as a group and played our new version for Pictionary, a version in which 2 players draw a word together, they can work together on a single image or they can instead draw their own images to try and depict the word to the player guessing the game. Here are some recordings we made.


Afterwards we once again we sat down and discussed if it was more fun to draw together or individually and everyone involved all agreed that it was a much more enjoyable experience drawing with someone at the same time!


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