Today’s Research

Today we went back to basics to tackle the issues we had in regards to the enjoyment of our Project. We gathered some friends together to play pictionary, the core of our idea. We recorded these people playing the game and later we asked the participants just what they enjoyed about playing the game.
Here are the videos I recorded and uploaded to Youtube:

As you can see there is a lot of laughter and fun being had here. despite some of the drawings being minimal, such as in video 2, the players found that they were able to translate their ideas of what a word could look like in picture form with ease. Some suggestions to improve their experience included having colours to draw with and some people found out that their markers were wasting out as they drew. Our approach to this project could solve these issues. With both having no ink and colours available to the players the DoodleBlocks project could be a lot more of an enjoyable experience!


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