Testing Our Project

After we decided on the various categories we are hoping to implement we arranged to do some testing with these words to put it into practice. We each took topics last night to research various possible words for each category. The objective of this testing is to test the difficulty of these words to spread them into different levels. After initially testing the project ourselves we also invited another group in to get feedback. Overall the experience went very well and definitely created the fun vibe we are hoping to achieve for our major project. We asked them a few questions afterwards to find what they liked best about DoodleBlocks and sort out any issues. Something that was brought to our attention by this testing is that especially in the phrases round the guesser may not always get the answer 100% correct but it could be extremely close. We are still trying to find the best way to approach this. We need to find a system on how to decide if a phrase/word is close enough or else we will need a constant adjudicator to decide. Something that we are considering at the moment is to have a system where the guesser can type the answer on a keyboard. The system will determine if it is 100% correct but if someone is “close enough” we need to lay out a way that the system will accept the answer.

Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 14.49.26

Actually getting out there and testing our idea as it stands really helped us to see any flaws in our project that we need to address such as this 100% accuracy problem. It also opened our eyes to a different way of expanding on our project that isn’t possible just using a pen and paper. We are now considering new aspects that will challenge the user, for example after a certain amount of time the drawing could erase itself making it more difficult on the user that there is a consequence if they don’t get the drawing done quickly. Another idea would be that if the user lifts their pen the drawing deletes. In my opinion as a group we were concerned about creating an innovative tool for drawing that we were almost blocking out that there are other ways of improving on the design not just the actual drawing tools. These challenges are something that we will be discussing in further detail in our next meeting.

Today, while testing we incorporated a challenge where the two artists had to switch drawing every ten seconds. We think it added a nice element where the two had the choice whether to work on one bigger drawing and keep adding to it each time or creating their own separate drawings to demonstrate the word or phrase giving different clues. It worked really well in practice and its something that we hope to incorporate in a more efficient digital way to make the cross over more smooth. Overall it was a really productive session in helping to bring us issues and produce new ideas. Additionally, it was nice to take a step back from all the stress and have a chance to enjoy the fun aspect to the project reminding us why this is the path we chose.


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