Its in our minds that we have our script due in less than two weeks so that is another reason we wanted get all of our objectives confirmed for the project before we started it. We have done some research on some of the scripts which were done in previous years and it is obvious that they have done a lot of work in putting them together. Some of them are a lot bigger than we thought with added drawings and flowcharts, screen grabs, programming code, pictures, examples, designs etc. Im glad we seen some of the examples because it has really opened our eyes to give us an insight on what it is that we have to do.

We had another idea of maybe having the groups of 3 to play them game. The idea is basically to have one person guessing the drawing, but have two people drawing the word that they were given. We want to have a buzzer every ten seconds so that the two players will switch control of the drawing. The drawings will be projected on to the wall which will then help the user to see what it is they are drawing. I like this idea because it creates a dramatic feel and gives a fun aspect to Doodleblocks. It also gives us the opportunity to add in more audio and make the project more professional and real. I really like this idea. Below is a drawn up version of what we would like to implement


The script that we done before Christmas was a smaller version to the one that we need to create. We got some feedback from Emma regarding the script that we submitted and we were pretty pleased with the results. There were a few minor issues with it in terms of spelling, grammar and possibly adding on to certain parts of it. Our next objective is to get working on the script thats due in two weeks and do it as a group and to the very best of our ability.


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