Research day

Another productive day for us as a group, we went and played Pictionary. The main emphasis of this exercise was to look closer at the rules we want to implement in our project. Having made some headway as to the technological aspect of the project we feel confident that we are able to look at other elements i.e. the rules etc.

Although we had really great fun playing the game together we were also very aware of some possible road bumps that we may encounter.  These take the form of, people participating in our project fairly (not cheating), how to overcome when the correct answer has been given and what do each of the users experience while participating? These are all questions that we will be hammering out over the next couple of days together. One of the main things that we noticed while doing our research today was that when we incorporate new rules on top of the predefined rules we have a greater, enjoyable playing experience. This can be emphasised by the rule that we added, instead of 1 person drawing we have two people drawing individually. After a ten second timer the drawers switch and again after ten seconds they switch and so on until the other teammate guesses correctly or they run out of time. By simply adding this new rule to the playing experience a whole new dynamic was created. It forced the team to be more cooperative with each other.

After we played for a while we got some of our class mates to join in and we took some video of them playing for our research. We are also going to create a questionnaire for them to rate their experience and to get some general feedback from them.

After class today we came to the conclusion that we need to push more emphasis on the player experience and worry less about the technical elements. We feel this will help push us as a group to nail down and finalize our idea.


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