Meeting Supervisor

Today was by far our most productive day over the whole process. We came together with our group supervisor Glenn, and basically laid down where we are at the minute in terms of ideas and possibilities, as to where we could go with the project. It was clear to us all as a group that we maybe over thought the whole project because we had far to many games included into one game. Originally it was just going to be Doodleblocks with the pictionary incorporated into it and then maybe a added feature of using Reactivision or Kinect to control the drawing on the screen. When we discussed our ideas with Glenn, it was fair to say that we went a we bit overboard in terms of what our project was going to be. We had catchphrases included, along with film audio quotes and then the users would guess what film it was and when we actually sat back and looked at our situation, Glenn made us realise that we needed to scale it back a huge amount. We then all decided as a group that we were going to go back to the drawing board and work with our original idea which was “Doodleblocks”. We all agreed that we need to focus on it, and focus on it solely. 

We then had to come up with content ideas as to what was actually going to be on the main screen that the user would be faced with. It was obvious to us that we had taken the wrong road in terms of focusing on one idea and actually putting all our ideas into that one idea and going with it. So we all decided that for our next meeting which will be on the 9th of February  that we would have a number of issues resolved by then:

  • We would just focus on Doodleblocks and nothing else
  • We would have added in our content and what is going to part of the game, for example what words will we have in our game?
  • What levels will be included in our game? Will they be medium easy or hard?
  • Will we have a leader-board where each group gets a calculated points tally at the end of there game and they will be placed on the leader-board in terms of their final points tally.
  • Have a list of categories written up
  • Have added content that will make it our own, for example a colour palette, brush strokes options, animation
  • My job is to have done some research as to how we are going to generate words for the user, which I am currently looking into at the minute
  • That we come together as a team and do all of the above and possibly add something that makes this project stand out from the other projects

Personally im really happy with the way that our meeting went with Glenn. We really got our eyes open as to where we are with the project. We probably are a little behind in terms of actually nailing down our idea but I think we are more than capable of catching up and making one of the best projects on show in June. Once we get all of the above sorted and laid out as to where we want it placed in our project, I have no doubt that we will be successful.


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