Group Meeting

So in my previous post I talked about our group meeting with our supervisor, Glenn. After it we decided that we would go and have a meeting together because we knew that there was alot of work to be done and a few ideas to be generated. Firstly I think the most important thing to nail down was for us to come up with the components that are going to make this project our own. We need to have added features in this pictionary project so that we can make it more compatible for the user and make them actually have fun, because this projects theme is “Play” so that was also in the back of our mind. Firstly we decided that we are for definite going to have a colour pallette. I think that is a smart idea on our part because that gives the user a huge amount of options in terms of making their drawing/picture look more real and detailed so that it helps them pick up points. We decided that we are going to have 4 colours in our project. I suppose the four most important colours for a artist would be black, blue,brown,red and yellow. They are subject to change but we wanted to have everything nailed down so that if anyone asks “What colours is going be in this project?”, we wanted to be able to have an answer and not be leaving things open for discussion. That was our main aim in this meeting to know exactly what was going to happen when the game in completed and ready to be used. The second thing that we have wanted to have included in our project was the different caegorys. We wanted to have categorys that would interest people and that would encourage people to take part. So we came up with a list of categorys that are the following:

  • Sports,
  • Music,
  • Cinema
  • Animals
  • Jobs
  • Geography
  • People
  • Brands/Logos
  • Phrases

We now as a group are going to take two each and try and come up with a selection of words that will come under our chosen category’s. Another aspect of the project we needed to finalise and discuss was the possibility of having a narrator. We decided that we are going to have voice-overs which will be a guide for the user and it will help them to decide what the have to do. Also this will incorporate some Audio into the project which is something we, as a group want to have included in as part of the project. We are very keen of the though of having different types of brush strokes. I think it gives the user another option and it might add to their pictionary art. That is another addition we would like to make to the project.


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