Second Supervisor Meeting

Between having our second meeting with Glenn and speaking to Emma about the upcoming script document, today was a real eye opener about how much work we have coming. It’s really important for us at this point to get our project narrowed down and the script handed up to the high standard we want to achieve. Firstly, in our supervisor meeting the main point stressed to us is to focus on getting the idea reigned in. We had began to start adding too many ‘extras’ to our project that we were getting away from the core of our idea.

We have a goal to focus on the actual artistic tools the user is provided with and also what our categories/rounds are. This is an area where we will need to nail down before we can go deeper in discussing the game play. We each have been set a task of writing about certain aspects of our project for this Friday to get our ideas down on paper and hopefully make them more robust. Myself and Conor will be mainly be looking at the structure, Neil will be researching the audio elements and Paul will be testing different aspects of the programming. Finally, we need to discuss ‘DoodleBlocks’ as a whole so that we know what type of visuals and audio we are going to be incorporating. This will be done as a group and will help to shape our project.

I think that this task is important to get us thinking more about the user interaction with the ‘Doodle Station’ and push ourselves creatively a bit further. In our next group meeting we need to discuss the categories of the game and the tools that the user is supplied with before we can begin working out the complete the idea of the game show and the points system.


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