Project Development

After taking on-board advice from our supervisor we met up as a group to discuss the project in more detail. Something we have now agreed upon is that a selection of categories should be made available to the user with them then ultimately choosing their three master categories. We came up with a selection of different popular and interesting topics which will need to be broken down further into levels of difficulty. For this we really need to consider the words to make sure that they are fun and also do-able! Our topics as they stand are Phrases, Animals, Cinema, Sport and Music. We will need to complete testing to ensure that these categories are suitable and that the difficulties match each word or phrase.

After the categories had been considered, we wanted to discuss the actual tools the user has available to draw with. We hope to implement a series of colour palette splodges on the physical Doodle Station to enable the user to change the paint colour with the quick press of a button. While discussing the tools the user can draw with it brought up the question of the Kinect that we were hoping to use which would cause issues and was not optimal for creating quick drawings. After consultation with our programming lecturer we have discussed these problems in more detail and unfortunately Kinect does not seem to be suitable for our particular goal. We have been introduced to the idea of interactive whiteboards with is something that we could physically build ourselves and appears to be a good choice for us from our initial research.

As a next step, I will begin to design a guideline wire frame of our project for the programming. As the testing phase will be beginning soon we need to have a layout of the project interface to ensure that everything will work well onscreen. We each have a lot of individual contributions at the moment to the project as well as deciding on what technology is best for us and finalising the user’s drawing tools. Personally, I would like to keep progressing and thinking about the design as to not let this fall behind. For next weeks script delivery I feel that it is really important that I communicate our group’s style sufficiently and work off our collaborative ideas to show this mainly through the mood board, inspiration and mock up designs.


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