2nd Feb

Today was a very productive day for us as a group. This morning we sat together to discuss a new approach to the project while still keeping the original idea in tacked. We wanted to make the user experience more interactive and have everything work and play out in a faster style. These ideas will come to us when we get more of an in-depth idea of the content that will be presented to the user when they take part in the experience.

At 12 o’clock we had a meeting with our group supervisor, Glenn. One of the main points that he wanted to get across to us was to flesh out the content of the experience and what will actually happen when people decided to take part. One of the main driving points he wanted from us was to come up with the categories that people would be getting the words from.

We came up with a pool of ideas that within each of these main headings there would many words that would be presented randomly to the players and they would then have to go ahead and draw.  The following list is a work in progress but here are some of the idea we had for game type categories – Sports, music, cinema animals, jobs, geography, people, brands/logos and phrases. We also are considering a category of bonus words that the teams are able to guess from, these bonus words would be worth more to the overall score. We will each of us be taking a couple of these heading to work on over the next day or so to create a more comprehensive list of sub- category words.

Another aspect that we took away from the meeting was to consider all the elements that will be involved, i.e. what the user will see and be able to interact with.  These are ranging from a colour selector, animation selector, shape selector and so on. This aspect is still a work in progress.

Me working on the audio section for this project I will be looking into what the audio will be doing. We all like the idea of a voice over “game show host” type element. We feel this would add a more structured narrative for the users interacting with the game. I will be looking into ambiance and tactile auditory response to figure what types of sounds will work best for us.


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