Reflection on Group Meeting

After yesterdays productive group meeting we each spent some time reflecting on our overall project development individually. We arranged a short meeting today to discuss the rounds in a bit more detail. We discussed the idea of creating three rounds where each team would go through different challenges based around drawing and doodles. An idea that we all really are interested in is basing the experience around a game show. This would also bring in audio to our project through the use of a voice-over host leading the players through the rounds. Each team would have a selection of difficulties to choose from with each difficulty reflecting a set amount of points. This would then enable the teams an opportunity to turn the game around if they were losing by choosing a high points word.

The most important aspect of our meeting today for me is that we each discussed the elements we felt were key to ‘DoodleBlocks’.To ensure that we weren’t stepping too far apart from our main theme of drawing I think that this helped to shape our narrative of the project. The idea of keeping the rounds based around different drawing challenges makes the rounds flow better. Additionally, I feel that the whole idea of creating this game show style experience for the players really adds to our original idea. Here is a drawing by Conor from today showing what our narrative could include:


As a next step we do need to narrow down what each drawing challenge could entail. We also need to figure out the technicalities of the points system we hope to incorporate. This would be done by mathematically working out how many points each level could earn the teams to give them a chance to turn the game around. Another aspect we hope to finalise over the next few days is the players interaction with each other. We have discussed the possibility of team guessing or head to head rounds. Overall I think we have made some exciting new developments towards the project to make it more of an all round multimedia experience to the user.


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