New Semester – First Meeting

Today, we all met up as a group once again to share our ideas and research from the Christmas break. We have each been working on our separate roles as well as thinking of ideas to progress our project and push it a bit further. Some of the major changes to our project that we have initially decided to alter are: using Kinect instead of ReacTIVision and instead of programming through Processing we are at the moment hoping to create our project through Flash. We felt after discussion and testing that Kinect would be a better route to take as it functions better alongside Adobe Flash and would give the user a better experience rather than using our initial idea of reacTIVition would make it difficult to draw quickly like our game requires. We also feel that Flash will work better in comparison to Processing as we plan to incorporate a database of images/animations which Flash has the capabilities to do and Processing is not optimal when importing images.

After these two major project changes had been discussed we started to talk about our individual ideas of improving DoodleBlocks and came up with the idea of creating game show style entertainment. We still want to stick to our main idea of a drawing based game but to create three different rounds where teams will compete for the highest score. Something we need to work on is making sure that the game flows well as we were advised to ensure we have a narrative to our game.

At the moment we are discussing possibilities for these rounds to make sure we have a strong game play and each round leads to the next. We are researching game shows at the moment to get further inspiration and to see what are the requirements of a successful game show. Some of the ideas that we have discussed at the moment are creating rounds to incorporate trivia with categories such as song lyrics or famous movie quotes.

As before the Christmas break we did not have very much audio elements in our project we have decided to incorporate the role of the show’s ‘host’ through a voice-over guiding you through the game show. We feel that this will help to create a full interactive multimedia experience for the user and it will really add to the atmosphere of being in a game show.

We hope to create different aspects to the rounds to keep the user engaged such as having a team guessing round where both players on a team get a chance to guess drawings together, as well as playing in a head to head game with the opposite team. We will be discussing these rounds in detail to fine tune it more over the next couple days before our supervisor meeting next week as well as continuing on with our own individual role research.FirstMeeting


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