First group meeting after christmas

With the Christmas over and thing getting back to a normal set up for us it is time to think more in depthly about the major group project. Today we had our first group meeting and it went very well.

The main point to take away from todays group meeting was all the new ideas that we came up with. We are trying to push the idea of Doodleblocks a bit further. One of the main changes that we came up with was to get rid of using the Reactivsion and to use the Kinect. With the research that was done over the Christmas we feel that using this would be better for what we are trying to achieve. We will be looking into using the person playing the game to create the image using there fingers and hands. This would make it easier for us to create then to have multiple Reactivsion blocks on the screen. We feel that if the user was to use fingers that it would give the installation a much better flow and would be like finger painting, and we all love a bit of finger painting!

Another line that we took today was to create a full on game show; this game show would consist of three different rounds. The first round being like a Pictionary round and maybe a word game etc. we came up with a few different examples of games that we all like and think would work well together.

Conor had made some headway into the creation of the Doodleblock station and Paul had done some good research into the programming end of things and Laura has come up with some fine designs, these will all be put onto the table and we will begin to sort through all the best of the ideas and sort out how we will use them.

From a Project management point of view I am really happy with the meeting today and everything that we all brought to the table. From here on out we have hit the ground running and will be taking everything on board.


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