First Day Back

Today was our first day back as DoodleBlocks and it was great to see that over the few weeks we were off that everyone had explored different paths and we now have a larger vision for DoodleBlocks. Rather than just the renaissance of the game pictionary, the DoodleStation could now serves as a central hub for numerous games. This would give DoodleBlocks a new vision, it would be based on that of a game show. This is a great way to incorporate new games with different styles but all based on the station. For example once the players have entered their names they will be brought to a new screen, a screen where all 4 players have to draw a word that their team mate has to guess. They can choose from words with varying difficulties, obviously the more difficult the word the more points will be awarded if it gets guessed correctly.
Another game that we are considering looking into is a new take on the game Catchphrase, where we would make recordings of us drawing certain phrases that would gradually begin to be played on the screen and each team has to press a buzzer to guess the words, the sooner the guess the more points.
There are many other games that we might possibly explore over the next few days, such as snap, claw machines from arcades and possibly cherades.

Over all this doesnt effect the DoodleStation much, which is my primary objective. I have now acquired a lof of cardboard that i will be breaking up and making a prototype of the station, this will give us a clue as to how much wood will be needed, how big it will be, if we will need a chair, if it will be too dark and such. This is the best way to get a good feel for what the end product will look like.


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