1st Group Meeting Back

Today was our first day back to college after the Christmas break, and we decided that we would have a group meeting to put together all of our ideas over the break. The following ideas that were talked about were as follows:

  • Inputting 3 or more possible games in to Doodleblocks to give the user a selection of possible directions to choose
  • The possibility to have a musical theme game in the project so that musical students would have an interest into the game
  • Having a ‘Conundrum’ themed game so that there will be a word generated, with the letters all mixed up. The user then will use their hands to re-organise the letters to the correct spelling of the word. We would like to incorporate ‘Kinect’ onto that part so that they have control of the screen so that they can move the words around
  • We also came to the conclusion that we were not going to go ahead with Reactivision for the simple reason that we as a group does not feel comfortable using the software and we don’t think the software suits the type of game we want to create.

Other things that I would like to talk about in this post is the idea of having ‘Kinect’ as part of the project. We think it will be possible for ‘Kinect’ and ‘Flash’ to go together. We also think that it would add a more Multimedia type feel to the project because that is something that we as a group want to incorporate into the project. Some of our group members are hugely interested in music, so we talked about having a musical part to the game so that there are added options to the user. One of the ideas for a musical type game was to have musical lyrics recorded and played to the user and there would be a wrong or missing word in the song and the user would then be provided with four possible answers on what the missing word is. They then would answer and if it was correct they could then continue the game.

Another idea was to have a ‘Claw’ game where the user controls a claw which will be displayed on screen and they user then uses the connect controls to collect extra points by grabbing little balloons which carry certain points, and which ever balloon the grab they will then be presented with that number of points. We are really just thinking outside the box because we know some of these ideas wont be possible or good enough but we just wanted to have a list of ideas and come the end of the meeting with out supervisor we then could tick which ideas we want to proceed with and which ones we wont be carrying ahead with us in the project.


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