How can we make it better?

Over the holidays I have been thinking of certain ways that we could maybe make Doodleblocks a better project than it already is. I’m sure there are numerous ways that it can be an amazing project but I personally still think we have room for improvement in terms of giving the user a selection of paths to choose when the begin to play Doodleblocks. We have spoken about adding charades to the game but I was thinking of maybe adding a musical theme to the project. Maybe have a pictionary piano keyboard on the screen which the user could use. You could play a song and the user might have to add a missing lyric or note to the song and if they are right they win a point. That is just a rough idea that I think would add to the Doodleblocks experience and it also gives people another option on how the use the game. It also gives people with musical interests an option if the want to participate. Other things I was thinking of was maybe to have a quiz as part of the project and have film quotes of some sort and maybe ask what film the quote was from. I personally like that idea because alot of people have a huge interest in films and TV and because we are in a Multimedia course I think it would be really an ideal idea for the project that we are doing.


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