Pinterest Inspiration

Over the Christmas holidays I have taken the opportunity with a little extra time off to research our group ideas for design a bit further. The best way I have discovered of finding content that I find most inspirational is through using Pinterest. I have been expanding my horizons by looking at different styles and keeping in mind our lecturers advice to be mindful of our older target audience. I would like to ensure that the design appeals to our target of 12 and over without looking very childish but also that it keeps in touch with our ‘sketchy’ style. Here is a look at how our Pinterest board is looking at the moment.

It is available at:


Some of the aspects that I have been researching is the components of good designs in relation to developing an interface design, sketching and colour theory. I have also looked up similar user interface design to try get an idea of whats on the market and how the designers lay out their site. Finally some of the other pins I have added are some interesting articles that list great websites out there that are aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

Here are a couple of the website designs that I found that could be useful in creating our style. We could be possibly creating a large database of images and animations for our project so we will need to communicate what each image represents each icon quite simply and make them recognisable without going too complex. We also want it to appeal to a target of ages 12 and up. I think these websites reflect what we are aiming to achieve quite well.


characterColour theory is something that I came across whilst researching site marketing and its something I found really interesting. It basically provides an insight into different psychological effects of colour and where they are best used in design. This is something that will obviously come into play much later in the design phase but it provides some good colour in design advice and it could be useful to keep in mind.



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