The Christmas Prototype

So as the christmas break is coming to an end and the exams draw near its time to get back to DoodleBlocks. Over the past few weeks i have been looking up possible ideas as to how to construct the physical entity. An idea that ive been brewing over the past few weeks is to make it with 4 pillars and instead of having solid walls it could possibly have cloth around it. This could eliminate the heating problems that will be caused by the webcam and lights. If it gets too hot, one of the walls could be opened as they would be stuck with Velcro.

Over the break we all decided that we would try and think of a few new ideas to improve the project. A small idea i came up with was to possible include the game snap. What if the player draws a picture using the station and it gets added to a database with other drawings done by other people. All these images can flash and appear on screen and the player has to press a stop button when his/hers appears. if they miss it they loose a point. Its just something to add to the station and some other area to explore!


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