Idea Generating

We are all of on our Christmas holidays but we as a group having been keeping in close contact through telephone, text and mostly through our own Facebook page. Before we finished college for our holidays we decided that we would come up with some ideas that might be of benefit to Doodleblocks. When we go back to college we will all sit down as a group and mash all the ideas together and maybe we might come up with something that will make our project even better. Some of the ideas that I was thinking about was maybe having a music theme where they player possibly plays music through some sort of piano keyboard which would give out different notes and they other player has to guess what song they are trying to play. Another idea that we came up with as a group was the possibility of incorporating Charades to the project. This gives the user more of a choice when they are taking part in the project. Other things that I was thinking about was maybe having  the user  to select 6 numbers and then there would be a random number generator that would generate a number and the user has to try and calculate the 6 numbers to match the generated number.

These are only rough ideas that maybe someone else out of the group might come up with another idea and we could possibly take pieces out of each idea and come up with a brilliant all round part for our project. Me personally, I was doing dome research in terms of the programming side of the game. I was using Flash ideas of the past and trying to see if they would give me ideas on how it would be best to lay the game out on the timeline. I feel pretty confident that I will be well capable of making sure I have this project programmed really well so that there will be no problems on the day of the exhibition.


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