Finalise Details

As I mentioned in my previous post we were assigned our group supervisor who is Glen Doyle. We had our first meeting and we decided that over Christmas we are going to try and do some research on how we want our project to be portrayed in the end product. Today I have been thinking of what I personally would like the project to look like and what I want it to be as a finished product.

  • I want it to be a fun and playful experience for each user when the take part in the finished project.
  • I would like it to fully functional and user friendly
  • We as a group would like to have a website set up for the users where the could visit the website and find more information on the creators of the game.
  • I would like there to be a video installation outside the doodlestation so that it would look more professional and that the users would know how to play the game
  • For me programming the game, I want every option to be there for the user. For example I would like the user to have a number of optional lines so that the could possibly choose the thickness of the lines that the want to draw or the option of different colours.
  • I also want the game to be well laid out so that they players of the game are not confused and the fully understand on how the game works and where to go on each of the different rounds
  • There is the option for us to use reactivision or kinect. I hope which ever we choose that it works and that there is no problems. If we decide to use reactivision I hope there isn’t going to be a lag, which is something we are hearing alot about in terms of using reactivision.
  • Finally I would like to make something which we as a group would be proud of and hope that it would actually go further and maybe get even bigger and go to some of the bigger exhibitions and show case our work.

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